Looking Toward Wildcat
Cards 1
Cards 2
Flagstaff 2
Moon Scape

Shaky Footage from Motosafari


My Darkroom

One of the cameras I am using. It is a Speed Graphic, manufactured by Graflex of Rochester, NY. It was the predominant press camera between 1930 and 1950. This lens is a Kodak, Iktar. The negative that this camera yields is 4x5 inches.
A look at some of my chemistry. I am part scientist, part artist.
The trays in which I process both my negatives and my paper.
Two negatives hanging to dry.
The glass plate I use to sandwich the negative down onto the photo paper. I expose the paper by turning on the bathroom light.
The final print hanging to dry.

So, this commemorates the beginning of a series of experiments. That the darkroom is flawed does not take away from the fun of making images. It does make it more difficult to achieve quality, but I am confident that I will eventually make very good work with what I have. I do plan on playing with filters, types of light, different paper. I am sure new experiments will arrive as I progress. Certainly more to come.

Drapery and Guitar


Short Hand Notation
A storm