January’s Effort

I am starting something new. I hope it lasts. I plan to upload most of my artistic effort every month to this page. Not everything will be worth sharing and I apologize in advance for adding to the surfeit of imagery already on the web. The hope, however, that these installments will help me better understand my process overrides my concern.

From what I can tell I have several experiments running right now. These are like running simulations.  I am trying on new ideas, techniques, playing out concepts to see if they work or have any power about them; probing relationships between general and specific, between contrasts and colors. I will have more to say on these experiments as time goes on.

For now, I think of my alla prima oil paintings as studies of nature, of light and form. I am not sure these are works of art. They gather information, increase my dexterity, my familiarity with materials and different conditions. Humble pie paintings.

Many of my drawings are of my students and colleagues at a behavior day treatment center where I work in a therapeutic role. I find this a fascinating and challenging job – we serve youth ages 6 to 21 who have endured trauma of one form or another. It’s fucked up. It is also more meaningful than any work I have done before. In my drawings, I am seeking an atmosphere that I have not nearly found yet.

I also work from a nude figure as a regular practice. This article offers some insight into the complexity of this subject matter- https://hyperallergic.com/706883/when-we-confuse-the-artists-muse-with-the-artists-model/?fbclid=IwAR2wUFsXfNySOiqdoNIlZ3bPMrE1wXWUpLG7caD6bDXdfFlpScaSLKj1_DU

 Most of these things are for sale. If you are interested in owning anything, email me at adrianeisenhower@gmail.com.

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