I have been giving some thought to the role of education in 21st Century America. Thanks to the media theorist Douglas Rushkoff, I have paused on the notion of dignity. We (humans) are capable of great and terrible things, we are participating in a great and terrible story and we need education to remind us of this. Rather than learn to compete with machines in the workforce, Rushkoff suggests that education should help us cultivate a healthy and compassionate understanding of ourselves, and our roles in society, first and foremost. We can then, perhaps, leave our stories behind and get on with living fully. I want, above all , for these drawings from PEP Hopewell to show the dignity of our students and staff.

The nudes below are a part of an ongoing study of the human form. This study informs all the other drawings that I make, with the benefit of being made in a controlled laboratory of sorts.

These oil sketches are also little studies, particularly in color and light. I hope to develop some of these sketches into more finished works with time.

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