This online journal is a record of experimentation. By being honest in my successes and failures I hope to be credible in and contribute to an inquisitive artistic and intellectual community.

Adrian Eisenhower

Artist, Educator, Explorer



b.1982 New York

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    1. I do not know off hand but I will look into it. Thank you for the encouraging words. Though not automatic, I have just uploaded a post. My best- Adrian

  1. Stars

    by Freya Manfred

    What matters most? It’s a foolish question because I’m hanging on,
    just like you. No, I’m past hanging on. It’s after midnight and I’m falling
    toward four a.m., the best time for ghosts, terror, and lost hopes.
    No one says anything of significance to me. I don’t care if the President’s
    a two year old, and the Vice President’s four. I don’t care if you’re
    cashing in your stocks or building homes for the homeless.
    I was a caring person. I would make soup and grow you many flowers.
    I would enter your world, my hands open to catch your tears,
    my lips on your lips in case we both went deaf and blind.
    But I don’t care about your birthday, or Christmas, or lover’s lane,
    or even you, not as much as I pretend. Ah, I was about to say,
    “I don’t care about the stars” — but I had to stop my pen.
    Sometimes, out in the silent black Wisconsin countryside
    I glance up and see everything that’s not on earth, glowing, pulsing,
    each star so close to the next and yet so far away.
    Oh, the stars. In lines and curves, with fainter, more mysterious
    designs beyond, and again, beyond. The longer I look, the more I see,
    and the more I see, the deeper the universe grows.
    I have a long way to go, and I’m starting now —
    out in the silent black Wisconsin countryside.

    “Stars” by Freya Manfred, from Swimming with a Hundred Year Old Snapping Turtle. © Red Dragonfly Press, 2008. Reprinted with permission

    This poem reminded me of the stars at the hot springs…

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