Wayne Blade w/ John Wayne Silver

Operation: Suck Out All the Marrow of Life/To Put to Rout All That Was Not Life; And Not, When I Came to Die, Discover That I Had Not Lived

In tribute to David Foster Wallace

The plan= To head west in a truck dubbed, John W. Silver and steer a
course to Utah via undetermined locations.

10-28-07- Originally, agents Wayne Blade and Isaac Fastki were to ride west together. Events, however, took an unexpected turn,¹ leaving W. Blade alone in the drivers seat. After a breakfast with Fastki, in which Fastki bestowed W. Blade with sagacious advice, W. Blade departed under solemn skies, funereal even, and drove into the hills of the Catskills. In Andes, NY, he visited the Candela/Decker gallery to see the permanent collection of Dan Eldon.²  After staying at the gallery longer then expected, W. Blade made some westward progress on NY 17 and I 86. In the evening, he turned into the parking lot of a Travelodge hotel and slept in back of John W. Silver, somewhere near Erie, PA. That night, it rained cats and dogs.

  1. Not long before Estimated Date of Departure, Fastki’s urine turned a hue of crimson (some speculate due to the thrashing he was taking during tennis camp, though unconfirmed), subjecting Fastki to a barrage of tests and procedures and precluding him from a timely departure.
  2. Dan Eldon, young explorer and artist who created volumes of layered journals before his untimely death while on assignment as Reuters photographer in Somalia.

2 thoughts on “Operation: SOAML/TPRATWNLANWICDDTIHNL

    1. 1)Enjoy the road 2)pace myself once I am out in Utah 3)play as much tennis as possible. Fast Eddy, indeed.

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