Illustrating the Iliad

While on a recent visit to the island Paros, I had the distinct privilege of helping my teacher and friend, Jane Morris Pack, install her show of prints. Since I have known Jane, for about five years, she has held the idea of illustrating Homer’s Iliad. Alas, she has completed a wonderful body of monotypes and paintings revolving around this theme. After several days flurrying with activity the show was up and looked spectacular. If you would like to see the work or purchase an image or book, visit

The artist, Jane, looking at her painting. The Trojan Horse in the foreground.

Left to Right: Jane, John, Gabe and Daria

Gabe and his Trojan Horse

Installing a poster inside one of the galleries.

Jun-Pierre and Jane matting an image.

Here I am next to a portrait of Achilles.

Jane helping Jun adjust the lights.

Jun redirecting the lights in the Black and White studio.

Liz taking in a nearly ready show.

Opening Night 7/30/11

Lambdis, right, at the Opening.

Stella talking with Daria and John walking by.

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