Recent Sights in Central California


I recently visited the Santa Barbara zoo with a few new friends. I have been impressed with Jun-Pierre Shiozawa’s recent work, enough so to begin my our studies of animals. I do not know where these studies will go. For now, I am simply amazed by the range of beautiful and bizarre creatures that inhabit this earth, well, the S.B. zoo.


I have learned that penguins are VERY funny animals.


Sagacious looking Coy Fish and a duck.


I am now living in ranch country and have begun drawing and painting horses. I have wanted to study horses for years now and finally, this seems to be the right time to do it. I have so much to learn about them.


I have found a Lavender Farm within walking distance of my new home. A good place to picnic and sketch.

Here are a few of my colleagues at the Dunn School.

My cuz, Chris.

One thought on “Recent Sights in Central California

  1. Great,, AG. Of course you’d know I love the animal pictures. All that time in Kenya you could have been drawing in the natural habitat. And also of course, am envious of the
    proximity of horses

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