Scott Semple


I have the good fortune to work with the ceramicist, Scott Semple. We both get to the studio early in the morning to address our own projects before shifting focus over to teaching. His personal work explores large Amphoras, impressive constructions with intricate surface design. Above and below, Scott is working on a more sculptural piece. 

Below, in the foreground, is a large unfinished piece by Scott. His plan is to fill in his unique meander pattern with mosaic glass tile.Foreground

Here are two more works by Scott, outside of the studio. They serve almost as decorative columns flanking one of the entrances of the art studio. The closer piece is perhaps about as colorful as Greek sculptures may have originally been. Outside

Below is the art studio at school, a rather utilitarian design. The compartmentalized spaces offer a good amount of light that is easy to control. Large garage doors permit a good flow of air in the ceramics studio, helpful during California’s hot afternoons. The building also houses a comfortable darkroom, a digital lab and painting studio.

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