Bon AppeTetons

Kristina, Rob and I have just come off a trip from the Tetons, a majestic mountain range in western Wyoming.

On the Road in Rob’s Honda Civic – little climate controlled pod that carried us across the country.

Our welcoming committee. An adolescent moose at the American Alpine Club Climber’s Ranch. He was send into a paroxysm of anger when we and several other cars arrived, stampeding and kicking his hind legs. Fortunately at no one in particular.

The next day’s watercolor paintings.

Swimming at Jenny Lake.

Back at our cabin. Cabin 5. A great place to lounge during the midday heat.

A pretty unreal mountain range. It dramatically juts out of otherwise flat country.

Hiking up Burnt Wagon Gulch from the Climber’s Ranch with Rob and Kristina.

Parting ways. Rob and I carried up Garnet Canyon to climbing the Lower and Upper Exum Ridge on the Grand Teton and Kristina went up to Surprise Lake.

Rob on the hike and our view from the Lower Saddle.

Flaking out the rope.

Getting some exposure on the 5th pitch of Lower Exum.

Coming around the V-Pitch on the Upper Ridge.

Rob on the ridge to the summit.

Summit photo.

Rob rapping off the Owen Spalding Route.

Back at the Lower Saddle, we broke everything down and made the 7 mile hike down to Lupine Meadows under moonlight. Kristina was kind enough to pick us up there at 2 am.

We bade our cabin and the Teton’s adieu, vowing to come back soon.

We slept in Veduwoo our first night and somewhere in Iowa the next.

And a great meal back in Cleveland.


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