Still Life in Progress

Still in progress. I am going to move on and may not ever properly finish it.

A Color Study.

This is a wipe out of burnt umber and mars black for the final painting.

An improved upon tonal study.

Here is a tonal study of the still life. It will help me to find color with the correct value later on.

This is the line drawing that I will use to transfer over on to canvas.

Garrison Art Center

Of late, I have been attending a figure drawing class at the Art Students League in midtown Manhattan. It has been great to work from the figure on a daily basis. After class I usually enjoy a cappuccino at Cafe Europa, corner of 57th and 7th, then walk through the Artisan’s Gate of Central Park and north the 30 odd blocks to the Metropolitan Museum. At the Met I have been drawing from their seemingly endless collection of masterworks.

However before enrolling at the League, I was attending life drawing sessions at the Garrison Art Center. These are a few of the drawings made then.