On Assignment

I arrived a few nights ago to Johannesburg, South Africa. In the airport I connected with two colleagues, John and Daniel. This was the first time I met either of them. John is a native of the states and has spent a good deal of time in Africa and South America. Daniel is of the Maasia tribe in Kenya and works with the Maasia outreach organization, SIMOO.

For the next month and a half, the three of us will travel from here to Kenya. This passage has been designed and funded by the NGO, Tribal Link and the route coordinated with Indigenous Peoples of Africa Co-ordinating Committee (IPACC), a nerve center of over 155 Africa indigenous people’s organizations. IPACC is connecting us with indigenous communities as we travel north. Our progress will be thoroughly documented and online dispatches will be sent to Tribal Link. Videos and stills from the field will be posted on their website, www.triballink.org. So if you would like the latest updates of my travels, please click onto Tribal Link’s website every few days.

At this early juncture, much remains a mystery. I am hopeful that with time I will more clearly appreciate the nature of this trip.

My first full day in South Africa was used mostly in preparation. The three of us, guided by GPS, drove around both Jo’burg and the capital city of Pretoria in search of supplies for the field.

The truck, though not the perfect conveyance for our passage, may be adequate. Both John and Daniel are confident that it will arrive us safely to the rural communities where we are bound. I await some evidence before I form an opinion. Later today we will likely head to Botswana and I will soon find out if we, as well as the Colt, are ready for whatever we have ahead.

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